Thursday, June 21, 2007

About It!! is a complete Web site design and development tutorial site designed specifically for those doing business on the Internet.
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Whether you're looking for information to assist you in designing a professional ecommerce web site or simply want to learn how to market and promote your site, you will find a wealth of quality, free information on this web site to assist you.

Web design Tools:

Main Sections:

Free clipart and Webpage Graphics:
Looking for that little something to spice up your website or email? Visit our collection of free clipart, backgrounds and webpage graphics. Over 2000 images at last count and all are free for personal use including on web sites, blogs and in email. It's also proudly pop-up free. =)

Free Online Tools and Generators:
This area is brand new! I've added some handy tools like a link checker, banner maker, Meta Tag Generator and a few others. I'll be adding more soon.

Free Web Designs Resources:
Reviews of the best free tools and resources that I've tried. The goal in this section is not to list all the free stuff available for your website, but to find the best as a good starting point. It starts with the basics like tutorials and free hosting, up to free remotely hosted scripts. There're also lots of free webmaster resources for after your website is finished, including the promotion stages of web development and server uptime testers!

Web Designs Tips and Tricks:
A few things I've found along the way that may help you while building your site like, how to speed up your load time, create custom error pages, the difference between ascii vs. binary uploads, etc.

Definition of Web Site:

A site (location) on the world wibe web. Each web site contains home page, which is the first dacuments users see when they enter the site. The site might also contain additional documents and files. Each site is owned and managed by an individual, company or organization.